Become Invincible: Understanding Your Body Intrinsically

The creators of this blog happen to be identical twins. Although we may share the same DNA, therefore, having the same genetic characteristics, no two individuals are exactly alike, including identical twins. With that in mind, although our genetic nature may be identical, environmental factors attribute to distinguishing us as two different individuals. However, more than less, our environmental factors are very similar, so you may have to do a double-take to figure out who is who, not just in appearance, but in tone of voice as well.

Stating the obvious that no two individuals are exactly alike, this applies to each of our body compositions as well. No two people have the exact same body. Factors contributing to this dissimilarity include genetic structure, body density, environmental factors and lifestyle choices and habits all playing a role in our physique.

Did you know that your body composition is a critical component to determining the general state of your overall health? Even if you portray a healthy image on the outside – normal weight for height, skin looks fresh and healthy, consistent hair growth, and you are energized – your inner well-being largely determines your overall health.

Body composition is the relative proportions of protein, fat, water, and mineral components in the body. From a physical fitness perspective, body composition is the percentage of fat, bone and muscle in the body, of which fat is of greatest interest. Healthy adult males have 6% to 24% fat; healthy adult females have between 14% to 31% fat. (Source: Medical Dictionary)

To determine your body composition, the most industry-recognized, trusted, precise and reliable measuring tool is a DexaFit (DXA) scan. Known as ‘The Gold Standard evaluation for body composition and bone health’, the purpose of a DXA scan is to analyze the effects of aging, obesity, patterns of fat distribution and muscle-wasting conditions related to chronic health risks (i.e. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hormonal imbalance). The benefits that come from a DXA scan can help an individual turn an unhealthy or altered body composition into a healthy body composition by taking action and applying the feedback that comes from the DXA scan results and making the lifestyle changes that will promote a healthy physiology of the body.

To learn more about a DXA scan, you can contact your local DexaFit, Proactive Care Clinic or ask your doctor or personal trainer on steps to taking a DXA scan.

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