Ignite Your “Why”

What gives you that extra pulsating rush of adrenaline? What makes you wake up in the morning? What inspires you deep within from your heart? We at Athlétique are driven on living a life full of purpose and passion. With purpose and passion at the core of your mind, body and spirit, your own ‘why’ is a precious code that is naturally derived within each one of us and will lead us to the gratifying destiny we are all in pursuit of discovering and revealing the real jewel each one of us is meant to share with the world.

How do we find our ‘why’? With the fact that very few people truly know why they do what they do, how can we determine our why, our purpose, our cause, our belief? The answer comes from within, by thinking, acting and communicating from the inside out. By challenging the status quo and starting with your ‘why’, you will not only build a following from others, as people are more inspired by your ‘why’ than by your ‘what’ or ‘how’, you also build a following within yourself and that is the core to a leader who leads from within and who inspires and builds loyalty. That inspiration and loyalty has to start within each one of us first and when it does, the opportunities are endless to an abundant and joyous life.

Thinking scientifically, human beings have a mind-gut connection. Our gut microbes are in constant communication with our brain and research suggests that this communication affects how we feel, not just physically, but emotionally. Focusing on the gut, gut decisions are behavior driven when communicating from the inside out. The limbic system is the part of the brain that is thought to control emotion and other brain functions related to our instincts and memories, but does not have the capacity for language. Our ‘why’, our thinking inside out, comes from a gut instinct, which makes our limbic system a major part of determining our ‘why’.

On the path to finding your ‘why’ may come with two different outcomes: manipulation or inspiration. If we are looking to find our ‘why’ through manipulation, this is taking the path that when we hear that the majority is doing something, this influences our behavior. Unfortunately, this path does not always breathe loyalty nor trust and does not truly define you and your purpose. The other path is that of inspiration. When you breathe and find your ‘why’ through inspiration, you are thinking, acting and communicating differently – all in the same way, but different from the rest.

We all have to remember that we are not defined by ‘what’ we do, rather by ‘why’ we exist. It is not ‘what’ you do that matters, but ‘why’ you do it. Three recipes to your ‘why’ and being authentically you originate from (1) having clarity of why you exist, (2) having discipline of your how through accountability and guiding principles and values, and (3) having consistency of what by saying and doing the things you believe. There is a spark inside each one of us that is ready to ignite and radiate creativity, purpose, passion, and our ‘why’ for life.

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