Judgment Detox

Judgment Detox

With the word ‘Detox’ having a foot in many aspects of life, and with the bookworm that I am, the latest book I am reading is called Judgment Detox by Gabrielle (Gabby) Bernstein. This book comes highly recommended and is a great read for anyone looking for natural ways to heal from judgments we place on ourselves and others. Gabby is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Personal Speaker, and Spiritual Junkie who has her heart in the right place and is an empowering force of nature.

For anyone who is looking to ‘release beliefs that are holding you back from living a better life’, Judgment Detox can reawaken or provide some insight into energy centers to get you rebalanced, see yourself and your life more clearly, or focus on becoming more mindful and conscious of your current relationship with love and fear. By following the six steps outlined throughout the book, Gabby’s intent is for each lesson to build upon the next lesson, so that all six lessons (working together) support you on the road to true healing and being able to let go of anything that is holding you back in your journey to a beautiful, abundant, and purpose-filled life by releasing judgment, pain, suffering, resentment and jealousy.

From a personal perspective, I was deeply betrayed in 2017. The pain from that betrayal literally felt like death, but with no peace, and has taken me down a long path to healing. Judgment has definitely been a factor for me, but I recognized that I placed most of the judgment on myself, by blaming/shaming myself and pointing out all of my flaws that [I believed in my mind] must have led this person to walk away and permanently delete me from their life in the blink of an eye. I knew I needed to find a healthy way to heal myself from the pain and suffering this betrayal caused me emotionally. I also knew that I needed to learn to love myself again and not get stuck in resentment and judgment. My healing process has incorporated becoming much more spiritual, daily prayer, building a love for yoga and meditation, along with reading books and listening to podcasts on spirituality, healing, and the mind. Judgment Detox has provided me with new insights through the six steps to help me on my path to returning to loving myself, forgiveness and dissolving judgment against myself and others who have hurt me or who I may have hurt by shutting out of my life during this season.

Although hills and valleys come throughout life, we were all divinely created and set forth on this earth with a purpose to fulfill from the Universe (Heavenly Father, God, Spiritual Leader) and when we feel trapped or stuck in any way, such as through judgment, pain and/or suffering, this can hold us back from truly living the wonderful life that we were created to live on this earth. We were all born into royalty and have all of the powers manifested inside of us to live that royal and abundant life that was created for each one of us. However, along the way, we may have experienced setbacks – emotional, physical, and spiritual pains – that have downloaded themselves inside of our mind(s) and heart(s) and have blocked our love within ourselves.

When we block the flow of love within, we are unable to spread love to ourselves and to others. Through Judgment Detox, Gabby will walk you through how to reawaken that love, as means to ‘vibrate love’, which can help to weaken the vibrations of hate and judgment found within ourselves and throughout the world. Also, through cleaning out (detoxing) the blockages inside of ourselves, we can manifest inner peace and live a miraculous life that is our birthright.

To learn more about Gabrielle (Gabby) Bernstein as well as her other bestselling books (The Universe Has Your Back, Miracles Now, May Cause Miracles, Spirit Junkie, and Add Mor~Ing To Your Life) visit GabbyBernstein.com.

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