The Pillars of Orangetheory Fitness

Being avid fitness lovers, we aspire to bring motivation to others that fitness and getting in daily workouts is not only beneficial to the human body, but it is also a fun way to play and explore what the human body is capable of achieving – mind, body and spiritually. Also, you never know where you may just end up getting inspired and finding a new sense of you. Let’s begin to explore one of those fitness journeys, if you have not tried it already. Hint: Think Orange and HIIT…

One total body workout that can break new ground and challenge you in an invigorating way is through Orangetheory Fitness. A workout at Orangetheory Fitness is 60 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) of cardio (treadmill, rower and weight-lifting). The great part of Orangetheory is that you are never left doing the same workout day in and day out, which is crucial as routine is the enemy when it comes to working out. Everyday you are challenged with a new training session, which makes each workout that much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Benefits of a HIIT exercise session include, burning more fat, increasing heart health, weight loss, increasing muscle mass and bone density, increasing your metabolism, and achieving more in a shorter period of time than a longer workout due to the fact that you are alternating your workout between intense bursts of activity (i.e. sprinting on the treadmill for 1 minute, then one minute walk, then repeat), to less-intense activity or a resting state and replaying this concept over the 60 minute class.

Along with working between intervals of high intensity and low intensity, Orangetheory Fitness follows the pillars of Endurance, Strength and Power (ESP). You will have classes dedicated specifically to one of the pillars (i.e. an Endurance day) or to all three pillars (i.e. an ESP day). However, be prepared for the intense bursts in every workout, which take on the theme of an ‘All Out‘ at Orangetheory Fitness.

An endurance workout will focus on combining strength and cardio. With endurance, you will reduce the amount of rest between sets, but will progressively push your intervals. For instance, you will increase the timing of intervals on the treadmill at a push-pace, followed by a longer resting period and repeating that cycle over a duration of time, followed by an all-out to end your treadmill session. That same format plays out when working on the rower and the weight-lifting portion of the class. While lifting weights through endurance, you will be focused on weight training that incorporates compound movements of fast-paced, high-intensity lifting through higher repetitions, lower weights, and shorter resting periods between sets.

A power workout is set on a training session focused on the speed at which you can apply the maximal force within a unit of time. For instance, you will be pushed in shorter intervals of high-intensity to low-intensity and multiple all-outs to really get that heart working while on the treadmill and rower. The weight lifting portion of class will follow the same format of shorter intervals, but pushing up the intensity with explosive movements.

A strength-focused workout will penetrate the body’s ability to exert force to overcome the most resistance. For instance, running or walking on the treadmill will push you with increasing the incline, rather than be solely focused on the speed of your interval. During the weight-lifting portion of class, the focus will be on exerting focus through the amount of weight lifted, with less repetitions, and the types of training moves implemented. For instance, this is the time to pump up that weight and push yourself to lift a little heavier while doing such strength tests as deadlifts for the lower back, squats for the legs and glutes, and bench presses for the arms. Do not be afraid to lift a little extra weight and see what you are capable of achieving.

Do not let the words Endurance, Strength, Power, All-Out, or HIIT scare you from trying an Orangetheory workout. Orangetheory works at all fitness levels and aligns the workout to your developed skill and health level. Rather, know that Orangetheory is a fun and challenging workout that you can literally get hooked on once you get started. Not only are you getting in a total body workout, you are also strengthening new bones and muscles, challenging your mind and body to not become familiar with routine, increasing your energy levels and increasing your brain health, which leads to increased endorphins and a happier you.

Be prepared to sweat and enjoy every moment of that sweat session!

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