A very inspiring person stated the importance of seeking a life that is productive…..a life with purpose is a life with passion.  We have always been driven on passion…..creating it, pursuing it, living it – not just continuing to dream about it.  With that, we are following our passions with this blog by focusing on health, fitness, nutrition and creating lifestyles that find happiness, adventure, creativity and excitement.  We are driven on encouraging everyone, including ourselves, to find and pursue worthwhile and fulfilled lives.

We will highlight areas of passion, with one being the motivation and dedication of building strong, healthy, defined Physique’s through various exercises and by maintaining eating habits that are nutritional, clean and naturally-driven.  Travel is another area that unveils passion.  Travel leads to those always memorable experiences that are discovered when exploring new and favorite destinations.  No matter where the destination may be, incorporating a lifestyle that maintains and engages in being healthy while traveling is very much achievable, as will be topic interests in our Travel Guide.

We will dive into a connotation of Figuring out our Guts where we will work on determining ‘why’ and ‘what’ causes digestive issues.  Digestive issues continue to escalate for so many individuals, with food being one of the biggest culprits to this persistent problem.  We will focus on how to work on remedying this unease by learning what foods are triggering this issue and which foods are our healers in combating and restoring our bodies, ultimately allowing us to take control of our lives and live comfortably.  We will take you In the Kitchen to learn of nutrients, foods and recipes key to promoting a healthy and friendly gut.  The other aspect on Figuring out our Guts lies in that ‘gut instinct’ that is in all of us.  Meaning, listening to our guts and knowing to follow that gut, knowing to get one’s self in the direction and the path that feels right, feels like you, feels like true worth and happiness.

Likewise, through living our lives, we all face what we are calling Beautiful Beginnings.  We all experience new beginnings throughout our lives…..these beginnings may come unexpectedly, may come favorably or unfavorably, may be simply through change that we were encouraged to take, needed to take, had to take, or just wanted to take.  Beautiful Beginnings will enlighten our minds, bodies and spirits by providing a zone that is encouraging, strengthening, overall purposeful, and most importantly inspires each of us to find and live our passions!